What’s Next?

First- Congratualtions to all who PR’d in the Oly Lifts this week. We are proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication to learning the lifts.

Our next cycle is also going to involve a lot of learning. For the next 4 weeks we will be focusing on gymnastics movements. Within the realm of CrossFit, this means bodyweight excercises. You will be seeing lots of pull ups, ring work, handstands, box jumps and other things of that nature.

Don’t worry though- you will still have plenty of chances to lift heavy and go fast! Have fun!

A note on warm ups
The warm ups for the next 4 weeks are going to focus on flexability, core strength and coordination. There will be variation based on upper body pushing and pulling, lower body work and core work.

We will not be posting daily stretching suggestions. By now you should have a full aresenal of static stretching you can do after the workout. Pay attention to your body and stretch your problem areas. If you need help, suggestions or a SuperFriend, just ask!

learning and understanding
If you have any questions, comments or concerns about what we are programming, please e-mail me. I would be more than happy to explain in detail any aspects of our programming. We want everyone to learn why we do what we do.