Wednesday May 12, 2010

Skill: squat snatch work 5×3

WOD: with a partner, 3 rds for time

person 1 does toes to bar while person 2 completes 25 push press then switch exercises.

after both have done each movement person 1 holds #2 legs and wheel barrow walk 50 ft.  then switch positions and go 50 ft.

if there is an odd number of people, person left alone may bear walk 100 ft.

do not start push press until your partner is ready on the bar for t2b.

Affiliate team members do this:

warm up, mobility

a.  row 250m @ 80%, 10 ohs @ 60% 1rm, rest 90 sec  x2

b.  5 sets of 20 ghd sit ups, rest 30 sec b/t each set

practice some thing you feel you need some work on- but, do not push weight to the limit, or over exhaust your self- listen to your body.