Wednesday July 7th

row 500m

Russian Gym. WU  day 2 remember to move from one thing to the other, quickly, but movements don’t have to be for time


Deck of Carks

Take of deck of cards, shuffle and set on a box in the middle of the group.

Face cards are 10, Aces are 11, numbered cards are at value. First person flips over first card and performs movement at the number of reps specified.  Cyle through the whole deck working one person at a time, taking turns.

Hearts= burpees

Diamonds= russian steps ups, value each leg

Spades= Sit ups

Clubs= Supermans

Joker= run 400m

May the force be with you!!

We did this Wod at 9am,  with 3 people.  and it was good.  So, if you’d like make no more than 3 groups.  Some people can pair up if they need to.