Wednesday Feb. 22

Hang power clean 2,2,1,1,1, rest 5 min.
3×21 kbs ( make them tough), rest 90 sec.

The first Open WOD will be posted tonigh at about 5 pm. Athletes need to watch the standards video!

After ward, I will  set up a time line for Saturday.  Also, each week I need to know who cannot make a Saturday Open WOD.  Don’t tell me them all right now, wait til the week of .  Once the WOD is posted each week I’ll have an idea of how things can go.  For those who are just going to help judge( and aren’t competing) if you are not available to judge a particular week, let me know the week of.  So far, I have Matt and Deb as judges only.  Would love to get a few more!!  Remember judges will be required to watch the standards video on the games site.  Thanks to all!!  YOu have til 5 pm to register as an athlete……Carla?  Crystal? Scott? ……?