Wednesday 7/4

This is Scott’s last 30m 165lb Prowler push.  The Prowler creates an effective and unique SUCK.  Nice work Scott.
We had multiple options for workouts today during open gym.  Jill, Andy, and Bryan did a modified “Murph” by substituting sit-up’s for the pull-up’s.  Carl, Jeff, and Zach worked on mobility, and Michaela, Ian, and Scott did the WOD posted below.

ENJOY your 4th!

500m Row
3 rounds
10 pass- throughs
8 GHD sit-up’s
6 Back Extension
4 Spiderman Lunges
2 OH Squats: 10sec hold at bottom

3×5 Clean High Pulls:  rest 3min
3×3 30m Prowler Push relays: rest 3min