Wednesday 5-8

Warm Up

Coach’s Choice



“Bear Complex”

5 Rounds, for max weight, not for time, rest as much as needed between each round.
7 reps, in order, of the following barbell complex:

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Behind the Neck Push Press

Complete those 5 movements, in order, 7 times.
Repeat 4 more times.
Touch and go only between the Behind the Neck Push Press and Power Clean.

Example: Power Clean > Front Squat > Push Press> Back Squat > BtN Push Press > Power Clean > Front Squat > etc., until 7 reps of each movement have been completed.


7 Rounds, for form, not for time.
Complete the following barbell complex:

2x Clean Shrug Pull
2x Power Clean
2x Front Squat

After each round, complete 5 Glute Ham Raises, then rest 2 minutes.
With your coach’s approval, increase weight each set and try to go heavy as long as form is good.