Wednesday 3-13

Warm Up

Burgener Warm Up
Junkyard Dog
2 Minutes front rack prep stretch


CrossFit Performance

3+2+1 x5

Clean grip deadlift to above the knee/clean shrug pull/hang squat clean

Increase weight across each set if form is good
(1 set = 3 Clean Grip deadlifts to above the knee, resetting the bar each time, 2 clean shrug pulls, resetting the bar each time, and 1 hang squat clean)
CrossFit Fitness
Spend 15 minutes learning/practicing the hang squat clean
Conditioning (Both Classes)
Word of the Day: “Proprioception”
Run 400m x4
Rest exactly 2 minutes between runs
Runs cannot deviate more than 3 seconds total between slowest and fastest.
Athletes cannot use a watch during their runs to keep time.
For every second outside of 3 second window, 10 penalty burpees once all four runs are complete.
Athlete’s Choice