Wednesday 12-5

warm up
run 2 laps
10-15 each, each direction(or limb) of the following
wrist circles
arm circles
bow and bend
walking lunges
inch worms

midline stability
1a. 3x 20 UB GHD sit ups
1b. 3x 20 KB windmills as heavy as possible, 10/arm
1c. 3x 10 toes to ground(from a headstand position, with legs tight and butt against the wall, slowly lower your toes to the ground, then back up) if you cannot hold a headstand, do strict toe raises from the bar. rest 1min between rounds, rotate between movements as quickly as you are able. Do one set of ghd sit-up’s, then move on to one set of KB windmills, then one set of Toes-to-ground, rest 1 minute, and repeat 3 times.

12 min AMRAP
run 100m
10 squat clean to thruster(95/65)
12 burpees
15 kb swings(35/25)

functional fitness
4 rounds
run 100m
20 wall balls(14/10)
5 burpees
rest 3 minutes

arm overhead, external rotation
scalene stretch
death stretch