Warm Up:

3 Rds Of:
25x Wacky Jack Steps
10x GHD Sit-Ups
10x Back Extensions
5x Inchworm Push-Ups
1 min Row

A. 4 Sets Of:
3o Sec. Hollow Hold
1x Wall Walk + 10x Shoulder Shrugs + 10x Shoulder Taps
7x Seated Box Jumps (As Tall As Possible “ATAP”)
20 sec. L-Hang
*Not For Time but there is a 20 min timecap

B. For Time:
2000m ROw
*At the top of each minute stop and perform:
3x Man Makers (30/20)

Cool Down:
4 min Jog/Walk
90 sec Samson Stretch
90 sec Cobra
90 sec Downward Dog