Wednesday 10-24

warm up
run 2 laps
GHD sit ups
Back extensions
Toes to bar

Burgener warm up

10×1+1+1 Power Clean + Front Squat + Jerk(split or push)
add weight each set, rest about 90s between attempts

functional fitness
3×5 front squats adding weight only if form is solid

conditioning for everyone
5 rounds
10 KB swings(55/35 and FF-35/20)
10 lateral box jumps(20/16)
10 knees to elbows(FF do hanging knee raises)
for lateral box jumps, stand with the box to one side, jump up, then down on the other side, then back up and down to where you started. That is 2 reps!

death stretch
wall straddle
ankle stretches