Tuesday Jan. 10

We are going to offer a couple different choices on most week days.  You may choose either WOD #1 or WOD #2.   (You do not have to always choose #1, or always choose #2 on the following days)

WOD #1:
A1.5×20 unbroken kbs, rest 2 min
A2. 3 x10 gh raises with light weight, rest 1 min.
Then 3 x amrap ring rows, with minimal rest in between
WOD #2:
Weighted pull ups with mixed grip @ 21×0, 2-3×4, rest 2 min.
Kettle bell swing ladder 1-15
Perform one swing,set it down, take one breath.
Perform 2 swings, set it down, take 2 breaths.
Etc… up to 15 each.  using 2/ 1.5 pd.