Tuesday 7/3

Warm Up

Spend 15 minutes working the Hanging Power Snatch. Check out yesterday’s page for video.

Pull Ups… Do some every minute on the minute. How many? See below.
If you can do 0 dead hang pull ups, do 1 negative- hold for 3 count, chin over the bar and 5 count down.

If you can do 1-3 dead hangs, do 1 EMOM
3-5 dead hangs, do 2 EMOM
5-10 dead hangs, do 3 EMOM
10+ dead hangs, do 3 +10% of your body weight EMOM
The goal is 15 minutes drop a rep/switch to negatives if you fail 2 minutes in a row.

Seal stretch 2 min
Wall Straddle 2 min
Hamstrings, supine with band, 2 min/leg