Athlete of the Month: Anna-Katrina Milstead

Chris M. on his first date with “Karen”.  Great Job Chris!!

Warm up ( see board)

Skill work
max effort deadlift

WOD: 6 rounds
5 clapping push ups
5 cross chops
5 pull ups
5 sit ups

see this for cross chops:

scaling options:
do not scale reps or number of rounds. scale types of push ups (on box, from knees, etc) and pull ups ( jumping, with band), or weight for cross chops.

make the push ups challenging.  if you normally do them from your knees, for this wod, do them from your feet.  if you normally do them from a box, do them from your knees.  and so on…
you must have full ROM for each rep, b/c we’re not doing very many.

this wod courtesy of crossfit atm