Tuesday 4-30

Warm Up

Run/Row/Ride 2 minutes
5 Skin the Cats (Performance Class Only)
3×10 Cuban Press, Powell Raises, Hollow Rocks
Walking lunge length of gym 2x
Accumulate 2 minutes each of the following:
Support position on rings (Fitness Class Only)
Front Plank from Elbows



5×2 Turkish Get Ups per arm
Start light, work up on each set to a heavy, but not maximal weight. ~75% of your 1RM if you know it.


2x 1000m row or 800m jog (~80% of maximum effort)
Rest 1:1


Spend 15 minutes learning and practicing the Turkish Get Up.
Focus on proper form and midline stability.


2 x 500m row at ~80% of max effort
Rest 2:1
Focus on rowing form rather than time