Tuesday 4-2


500m row or 2 Minute AirDyne
10 Dynamic leg swings front to back per side
10 Dynamic leg swings side to side per side
Inch worm length of the gym
Spiderman lunge length of gym
27 squats

WOD (Both Classes)

Find 1 REP MAX Back Squat

This can be high bar or low bar.

Keep track of which you choose to do, as we’ll be using your 1RM found today for one squat day per week over the next few weeks.

Note: If you miss this day, I highly recommend coming in on Thursday’s Open Gym to find your 1RM back squat.

Conditioning (Both Classes)

5 Minute AMRAP

5 Pushups
10 KB Snatches (5 Per Arm) P: 24kg/16kg F:16kg/12kg
15 Air Squats


Death Stretch
Standing or Supine Hamstring Stretch
Pick a Shoulder Stretch