1 min: Row or Run or Jumprope or Airdyne
2x (8 GHD sit-up’s, 8 Dips, 8 Back extensions, 8 Overhead squats)
Foam roll as needed

Spend 10 min working on any of the following:
Dips, Pull-up’s, Double-unders, Muscle-up’s

Front Squat cluster: @ 31X10 x5 sets, rest 3min
Perform one front squat by taking 3sec to squat down into the bottom position (one one-thousand, two on-thounsand, three one-thousand), pause for 1sec at the bottom, explode (intent) back up to standing, put the bar back in the rack and rest 10sec, and repeat another 4 times then take a 3 min rest (that equals one set) Repeat the entire process again another 4 times to total 5 sets. THIS SHOULD BE HEAVY!!!

This tempo is a proven method of building strength quickly.  Additionally there is a significant cardiorespiratory benefit to the required breath and muscle control required to perform this movement as prescribed.