TUESDAY 1/24/17

Warm Up:
3 Rds, Not For Time:
15 Cal Airdyne
10x V-Ups
10x Banded Good Mornings
10x Single Leg R.D.L.
10x Jumping Squats
30 sec/side x Star Plank
5 min w/ PVC Oly Warm Up
A) Drop Snatch
*Increase Load Across Sets
B) Snatch
10 min to Establish:
5RM Touch and Go (FULL DEPTH)
C)20 Min EMOM:
Odd: 12/10 Cal Row
Even: 12/10 WallBalls (20/14)
Cool Down:
2 Sets of:
1 min Standing Quad Stretch
1 min Standing Hamstring Stretch
1 min Butterfly Pulses
1 min Cat/Cow