TUESDAY 12/06/16

Warm Up:
500m Row
4 Rds Of 20 sec each:
Jumping Jacks
Handstand Hold
Jumping Lunges
Ring Support Hold
A) Bench Press (Week 1 w/ Reset Max)
B) 7 Sets Of:
2 min AMRAP w/ 1 Min Rest
15x Burpees
10x Pull-Ups
50x Double Unders
15x Russian KB Swings (53/35)
*Score is total rounds and reps combined over all sets.
*Pick Up where you left off in the previous round
C) Cool Down
2 min Slow Row
10 Deep Breaths Bretzel Per Side
*Challenge yourself and remember to breathe
1 min/ side Anterior pec stretch
1min/ side seated trap stretch