Tuesday 11-13

warm up
easy 500m row or 2 min airdyne
3 HSPU(no HSPU? Do 30s hand stand holds. No HS hold? Do wall walks as high as you are able)
5 pull ups
7 GHD sit ups
9 air squats

Back Squat-if you did these last week aim for 10 lbs heavier on your last set.
warm up with 2 easy sets of 5
work sets- 3×5 increasing weight each set
note: for the more seasoned lifters, your LAST set should be 20% LOWER than your current 5RM. If you don’t have a current 5RM use 35% less than a 3RM. No 3RM, aim for 40-45% less than a 1RM.

row 250m
rest exactly 1min
30 wall balls(20/14)
20 pull ups
10 burpees
rest exactly 1min
row 250m

wall straddle
arm overhead w/ distraction and external rotation