Transition Week

We figured if we called it a rest week no one would listen…

This week we are going to be learning some new skills and warm ups that we will use for the next 2 month cycle. Don’t worry- you’ll still get a chance to get your sweat on!

Warm Up
Run 2 laps, first one easy, conversation pace, second lap should be quicker.
10 reps Junk Yard Dog Warm Up- each direction is one rep

Burgener Warm Up- 3 reps each position- after you have completed the Hang Power Snatch, do 3 reps of Overhead Squat. Notice in the video how the bar stays against her body through the entire sequence. This is VERY important!

The above sequence, after we have learned it should take about 10-12 minutes including the run. We will be using this warm up for the next 2 months.