Thursday Mar. 1

30 unbroken wall balls ( use weight you normally use)x7
there is a 10 burpee penalty for breaking the set
you may not rest at the bottom with your elbows on your knees
you may rest shortly at the bottom if you are still holding the ball at chest level

heavy Kettle bell ladder 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1, only put the bell down b/t sets, not during a set

Competitor’s WOD:
push jerk 2-3 x3, rest 2 min.
10 chest to bar pull upsx3, rest 2 min.
run 400m @, 70%, then @ 80%, rest as needed, then 400 [email protected] 90%
Open WOD #2 this week!
Saturday , 8 .a.m.
For this work out we will plan on running 3 heats. #1 at 8:15, #2 at 8:30, #4 at 8:45.  Come early if you can to start warming up.
Again, post to blog or get in tough with Becky let her know if you will not be in town this week.
Atheltes are responsible for logging their own score on the games web site.
Judges put your name on the white board if you can make it this week.
Everyone watch the videos for standards.  Thank you all who are helping it go smoothly.