Thursday Dec. 15

run 400 m as fast as you can
rest 2 min.
then complete 6-8 rds:
200 m run
rest 90 sec.

try to keep within 2-3 secs. on the 200s.

Go all out on the 400, and record this time for level 1 and 2 skill test.  Level 1: W-1:45, M-1:30.  Level 2: W- 1:25, M-1:15.
There are 10-15 skills that we have compiled to keep track of in our gym.  It would be very helpful if you would pick up one of the sheets ( at the gym)  put your name on it, write down your score, and put into the file with your name on it.  Over a 3 month period we will test certain skills.  They may be part of the WOD that day, or done before the WOD.  You do not necessarily have to start with level 1.  This will also help with programming.  Thank you!