This was inspired by a quote I read by James Fitzgerald that said “Your fitness should invigorate you, NOT deplete you.”

As Coaches at CFGP our work is to see you invigorated, full of life and in the process of finding your own personal, sustainable, enduring life long health and fitness. For some, this means competition, for others new friends, and still others, just showing up and allowing their weaknesses to be exposed. In the midst of this as coaches, we recognize clearly that one is not better or worse than another but simply, different. We recognize that each person and their process is inherently valuable just as they are from the first day they step into the gym to the day they may attempt their first competition or Rx’d WOD. By allowing each person the freedom to be in their own unique process, we allow the possibility for change and growth. CFGP is a place where we grow together in this process as coach, newbie, intermediate, and elite.

CFGP is not a place of punishment. This is not a place where you make yourself “pay” for being de-conditioned or eating crappy food. This is a place to discover how to be open to change over and over- change in how we treat ourselves ultimately. This is the kind of change that is a whole desire to change bad habits into good ones because we feel our inherent worth and our healthy presence is needed in this world more than ever. This is the kind of change that allows grace for mistakes and set backs and the positive support and encouragement to keep going when the excuses are debilitating and the mutual celebration when the successes are abundant. This is where we learn there is no such thing as perfection and that ALL of us, coaches and members alike, are together as a community in a process of learning what it is to be invigorated. To walk out of the gym energized, full of life, changed over and over. This kind of mutual respect shows when the third year CrossFitter chooses the newbie in a team WOD to acknowledge they remember what it felt like to be new. It kills the attitude of arrogance and replaces it with inclusion and encouragement. It ends up not being about ability so much as it is about creating a safe environment for vulnerability. This kind of change is enduring and sustainable!

Let’s strive to remember this together as we move forward with welcoming more and more people into our CFGP Community. Let’s continue to live out this mission where we support the change and vulnerability necessary to positively affect the quality of our own lives, our members, our town and the greater world.

-Coach Corrie