SATURDAY 8/20/16

On the rower, try to “rowl” a perfect STRIKE. A perfect Strike is achieved by ‘sprint starting’ the rower followed by enough full pulls to get the rower monitor to land exactly on 100m. Each athlete gets 5 attempts.
5x Weighted Pass Throughs
5x Inchworm Push-Ups b/t attempts on the rower

B)2 Rds For Time: w/ a partner:
30x Jumping Lunges
30x Abmat Sit-ups
30x Wallballs (20/14)
30x Burpees
30x Push-Ups
*Partners take turns to complete whole sets of movements and complete each of their turns by completing 1x Wall climb.

Partner A: 30x Jumping lunges + 1x Wall Climb
Partner B: 30x Jumping Lunges + 1x Wall Climb
Parnter A: 30x Abmat Sit-Ups + 1x Wall Climb
Partner B: 30x Abmat Sit-Ups +1x Wall Climb