Today’s 9am class WOD:
Part 1:
3 rounds
Clean and Jerk 1.1.1
SDHP 8-10
90sec rest

Part 2:
Every minute on the minute for 10min
10 Double-unders
10 Knees to elbows
(scale to 7reps each if you can’t complete in the minute)

We wrapped up our first CrossFit 101 class this morning. Everyone saw great results in mobility, range of motion, and performance. This morning Kim, Erica, and Eric repeated the workout they did on their first day: 3rounds 200m row, 15 squats, 9 push-up’s, and 6 ring rows with 3min rest between rounds. Kim improved her performance by 15%, Eric improved by 19%, and Eric saw a 24% improvement.
Congrats to each of you, and to Shannon as well.