Saturday 5-4

Warm Up

Coach’s Choice



“Choose your own WOD-venture”

This is a team WOD and will be completed in teams of 4.

At each “Choice” the team must choose which exercise they will do and then all members must complete the RX’d distance or rep scheme for the exercise chosen. Only one choice per team is allowed. e.g. A team cannot have two members choose to do handstand pushups while the other two choose squats. In between choices each member must complete each of the exercises at their “Base Station.”

At the Base Station team members must complete 15 reps of each exercise. The base station is completed once all team members have completed 15 reps of all 4 exercises. Once the base station is complete the team moves on to the next choice.

Base Station:
15 KB swings (1.5 pood/1 pood)
15 Thrusters (45lbs/35lbs)
15 Ab Mat sit-ups
15 Box Jumps (24″/20″)


Choice 1: Relay Run or Row (Each team member must complete 400m run or 500m row)
Relay 1600m run or 2000m row

Base Station

Choice 2: Top or Bottom
15 HSPU’s or 50 Squats

Base Station

Choice 3: Push or Pull
50 Push Ups or 25 Pull Ups

Base Station

Choice 4: Up or Down
50 Jumping Squats or 25 Burpees

Base Station

Choice 5: Climb or Hang
1 Rope Climb or 25 KTEs


4 rounds

10 Pushups
10 Box Jumps
Rest 1 minute between each round

Followed immediately by

4  Rounds
10 KB swings (1.5 pood/1 pood)
10 AbMat Situps
Rest 1 minute between each round