Saturday 5-25

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005, we’re going to continue the CrossFit tradition of completing “Murph” over Memorial Day weekend.

Warm Up

Coach’s Choice


“Team Murph”

Working in teams of 4 (2 people work while 2 people rest), each team must complete the following runs and total reps for time:

1 Mile Run (Together, as a team.)
200 Pullups
400 Pushups
600 Squats
1 Mile Run (Together, as a team.)

Movements can be completed in any order, but workout must begin and end with the run.
Scaled movements count toward the team’s total rep count. (e.g. 1 banded pull-up = 1 pull-up).

Runs must be started and finished as a team. Teams cannot begin the bodyweight movements until all team members have finished the run, and time does not stop until all team members have finished the second run.

If there aren’t enough people and there is one team with only 3 members (2 work, 1 rests), reduce reps by 25% for 150 pullups, 300 pushups, 450 squats. In the same circumstances, and the last team has only 2 members (1 works, 1 rests), reduce reps by 50% for 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats.

*Note: Please be aware of your personal limitations during this WOD. Sometimes we can get carried away during team WODs and push ourselves harder than we should because we don’t want to let our team down. The point of workouts like this isn’t to beat yourself up, it’s to work hard and have fun while you’re doing it, so please keep that in mind.