Saturday 5-11

Warm Up

Coach’s Choice


In teams of 4 (2 men/2 women), each team will rotate through the following stations in 2 minute increments, with 1 minute of rest between stations. All team members may work at the same time unless otherwise noted (e.g. equipment limitations).

2 minutes of work, followed by 1 minute of rest/moving to next station between exercises.
Max reps tire flips (1 tire)
Max reps pullups
Max reps 40m sled pushes (2x 45lb plates) (1 sled)
Max reps rope climbs (2 ropes, only 2 can work at a time)
Max reps burpees
Max reps ground to overhead (2 bars, only 2 can work at a time, 135#/95#)

Teams will choose cards. The team with the highest card will choose which station they want to start at, next highest card holding team will then choose, etc. Each team will then move through the list of stations until they have completed all.
(e.g. Team 1 chooses to start with 40m sled pushes, after 2 minutes of work they will move on to rope climbs for their next station. Team 2 starts with ground to overhead, they will move to tire flips for their next station.)

Teams must move the sled to one of the lines of the 40m distance for the next team to use.