SATURDAY 3/18/17

A) 3 Sets of:

Max Reps Pull-ups
*No Rest
Max Reps Push-ups
*Rest 2 min

B) “The Ultimate Conga”
In teams of 4: (MMFF)
2 Rds For Time:
30x Ground 2 Overhead (95/65)
100m Farmer Carry w/ Dumbbells (55/35)
30x Wallballs (20/14)
2x Rope Climbs

** Teams alternate M/F/M/F. First person completes the first station and moves immediately into the next station. The second person may now begin station #1. Team continues to move through the stations in a “conga line”. You may not begin the next station until it is cleared by the prior teammate. Clock is stopped when the final teammate completes the last station in the 2nd round.