SATURDAY 2/11/17

Warm Up:

5 Attempts:
Strike= Perfect 100m (safe)
Spare= 95-105m (2 Burpees)
Gutterball= 106m (4 Burpees)
*Add up your total Penalty Burpees and perform them after all 5 attempts

2 Rds Of:
10x Good Mornings
10x Kossacks Squats
10x Hanging Knee Raises

A) 12 min to work up to:
Heavy 5 Rep Deadlift for Today

B) For Time:
70x Double Unders
30x Ball Slams (20/10)
80x Double Unders
20x Ball Slams
90x Double Unders
10x Ball Slams
100x Double Unders

Cool Down:
200m Jog
200m Walk
90sec./side x Hip Distraction
90sec./side x Death Stretch
90sec./side x Pigeon Pose