SATURDAY 1/14/17

Warm Up:
30 Cal Row/AD
3 Rds Of:
10m x Broad Jumps
10m x Walking Lunges
10m x Bear Crawl
10m x Duck Walk
20x Hollow Rocks
30 sec. Handstand Hold

A. Bench Press (Cycle 2/Week 2)
[email protected]% [email protected]% [email protected]%

B. In Teams of 2, For Time:
Box Jumps (24/20)
WallBalls (20/14)
Medball Sit-Ups to 5’/4′ Target (20/14)
*Partners alternate whole sets of movements. Static Partner must remain in OH Hold w/ (45/25) plate
Example: Partner does 21x Box Jumps while Partner B hold Plate overhead. Then switch. Next, Partner A does 21x Wallballs while Partner B holds plate Overhead. Etc.