SATURDAY 10/22/16

A) Strict Press (Cycle 2/ Week 3)
[email protected]% [email protected]% [email protected]%
[email protected]% [email protected] [email protected]%
*Rest as needed b/t sets
*Last set is AMRAP

B) “Deck of Cards”
In teams of 2, partners alternate flipping cards for each other: (30 min time cap)
Hearts = DB thrusters (35/20)
Spades = Russian KB swings (70/53)
Diamonds = Abmat sit-ups
Clubs = Wallballs (20/14)
* all face cards are 10x Burpees for BOTH PARTNERS
* all Aces are 200m partner medball run
* all other cards are face value

I.E. Partner A flips the 8 of Spades and partner B performs 8x KB Swings. It is now Partner B’s turn to flip a card for Partner A. If an Face-card is flipped, BOTH partners must perform 10x partner style burpees.