Monday Sept. 19

AMRAP Push Ups
rest 30 sec
15 GHD back extensions
rest 30 sec
20 jump switch lunges (JSL)
rest 3 min x 5
(get hips to full extension on switch in air for lunges)
FLR on floor – 2 min accumulated
(front leaning rest – top of push up, shoulders down and back, belly up and in, tight throughout)

Well, I’ve had a couple people ask about going on a hike since it was suggested.  And it looks as if Oct. 2 may be a good day.  It’s about 12 miles long.  If you are interested in going as a group please put your name on the board at the gym this week.  If there are not  enough people to qualify as “a group”then, obviously, whoever wants to go can go whenever they want.