Monday July 5th

Warm up:

run 400m/ row 500m

DROM: wrist and arm circles, kicks, torso rotations, bow and bend, ankle and knee circles…..10-15 ea.

Russian gymnastics warm up day 1: look on board, it is in 2 parts.

If you cannot do a dead hang pull up, use the basic warm up.  If you can do dead hang pull ups, use the intermediate warm up.  Take about 10 seconds to move from one movement to the next.  The movements themselves do not have to be fast, so do not do them for time, but, keep moving.

Skill: front squat 5×5

WOD:  for time

pick one db, then for 10 rds:

1 db clean rt. arm

1 db thruster rt. arm

1 db ohs rt. arm

1db front squat rt. arm

1 jumping squat holding db w/ both hands

1 db clean lt. arm

1 db thruster lt. arm

1 db ohs lt. arm

1 db front squat lt. arm

Do not put the db down during the whole round.  If you do, start that round over.  Rest can be taken before you start your next round.

post weight used and time to comments