Monday Aug. 29

Burgener WU

for 5-7 min row easy warming up
every 1 min sprint somewhat challenging for 10 sec
sprint 40 sec @ just below your top end effort
rest 3:20 off the rower walking actively
(repeat this for 6 total repetitions)
– ensure PERFECT form
– work on drive through whole foot, keep lats down and locked on start of drive
– oar over knees 1st before knee bend on recovery


We would like for our members to think about getting involved in the fundraiser “Fight Gone Bad.”  We will not be hosting it here, but, a neighbor gym will in Roseburg, OR.  Please see: to register.
It is Sept. 17th.

Also, beginning  Wednesday, September 7th,  we will have a 4:30 pm class on Monday and Wednesday.