Monday Apr. 16

Skill:  Back Squat @ 21×1 6,4,4, rest 5 min.

5 min.
with a partner sit toe-to-toe (Ball must touch the ground behind the head for a rep to be counted)
complete as many  sit ups tossing a medicine ball back and forth
rest 2 min x2

12 min.   amrap
20 lunges ( 10 each leg)
10 ghd sit ups

Post WOD: MiK (Mobility is King)
PNF lying Hamstring stretch: (rope/belt/partner around foot- contract/relax 5x per side. band should be last option)
Pigeon stretch: accumulate 2min per side in as few sets as possible
OHS hold: accumulate 1min in as few sets as possible (Start wide and narrow grip with each set)

Arch foot squats in the warm-up

Our 6am crew getting after it!