Monday 9-10

warm up
run 2 easy laps
shoulder prep from the board

spend 10 minutes working hand stands or handstand push ups. Those of you who have completed a 15min EMOM with 3 reps or more should begin working defecit HSPUs.

Barbell Tabata
Do 4 rounds of 20s work, 10s rest of each of the following movements. Prescribed weights are 115/95. Record total number of reps for each movement.

Power Snatch
Push Jerk
Front Squat
Back Squat
Hang Squat Clean

This should equate to 10 total minutes, 2 minutes or 4 cycles of each excercise.

Spend 10 minutes on shoulder stretches or mobility.
Spend 2min on each of the following for each leg:

Hamstrings on a box