Katie, after a hard day at the Oregon Games!

Warmup (see board)
Burgener Warm up together

The sequence is as follows, always in this order: in CF journal

Down and up

Elbows high and outside

Muscle snatch

Snatch land

Snatch drop

Hang power snatch

Skill work: Power Clean 5×3

WOD: ” Karen” 150 wall balls

20# to 10′ target for guys
14# ball to 9′ target for girls

scaling options:
8# ball, 8.5′ target-150 reps
5 or 7# db thrusters-150 reps
bw thruster movement- 150 reps ( get your arms up in the air with every rep)

i will be getting some of my ideas for the wod from crossfit atm, and will be categorizing them under crossfit atm in order to give them credit. ┬ábut i am also going to try my hand at programming my own wods….we’ll see how it goes.