MONDAY 2/06/17

Warm Up:
5 min Athlete’s Choice

10 Each:
Jump Shrug – High Pulls
Muscle Snatch – OH Squats
Drop Snatch – Stotts Press
Jump/Land – Good Mornings
Kang Squats – Tall Snatch

A) 3 Sets Of: (3 warmup sets)
2x Snatch Grip Deadlift
1x Hang Power Snatch
10m Overhead Walking Lunge Steps
*Increase load across sets and record the heaviest set
*Rest as needed b/t sets

B) 20 min AMRAP:
30 sec. Plank Hold
250m Row
20m Bear Crawl
15x Air Squats
10x Toes 2 Bar
5x Weighted Back Extensions w/ Med Ball (20/14)

Cool Down:
200m Jog/200m Walk
3 min Lower Body Foam Rolling
3 min Upper Body Foam Rolling