MONDAY 11/21/16

2 Sets Of:
400m Run
10x PVC Good Mornings + 10x PVC Halos
10x Single Leg KB Deadlifts
10x Jumping Squats
30 sec/side x Star Plank

A) Back/Front Squat Combo:
3 Sets Of:
13x Unbroken Back Squats + 7x Unbroken Front Squats
*Bar can be racked after back squats long enough to re-rack for front squats (<5 seconds)
*Build load over sets and record heaviest set

B) 4 Rds For Time:
25x WallBalls (20/14)
10x Power Cleans (135/95)

C) CoolDown
3 min slow-pace Airdyne or Row
2 Sets/Leg x 3x Position Death Stretch
*30 sec. per position (upright, hip to floor, hamstring)