Monday 11-5

Good morning! This week marks the beginning of a strength bias cycle that will take us to the end of the year. Fear not! Everyone benefits from increased strength. Building lean muscle mass is paramount to your body’s ability to burn fat and increase metabolism. If you are worried about “getting bulky” please talk to one of the trainers about how dramatically you would need to eat in order to get that much bigger. Hint- it would be an uncomfortable amount. With that being said, let us begin…

warm up
run 2 easy laps
Catalyst warm up(-rowing)

gymnastics/skill development
spend 10 minutes working on handstands, HSPU, or HS walks

Back Squat
warm up with 2 easy sets of 5
work sets- 3×5 increasing weight each set
note: for the more seasoned lifters, your LAST set should be 20% LOWER than your current 5RM. If you don’t have a current 5RM use 35% less than a 3RM. No 3RM, aim for 40-45% less than a 1RM.

functional fitness
Use the same warm up as above. For your work sets(3×5) pick a weight that will allow you to finish the last set easily. You should feel as though you could do at least 5 more reps at the last weight.

5 rounds for time
50 KB high pulls(35/24)
50 DUs

functional fitness
5 rounds
10 push ups
15 KB swings(35/24)
25 single unders

standing hamstring stretch
figure 4