Monday 11-12

warm up
run 2 easy laps
air squats
push ups
knees to elbows

power cleans
heavy but not maximal, somewhere around 80-85% of 1RM for the last single. Rest no more than 2min between sets.

3×3 deadlift adding weight. if you did DL last week add 10lbs. if you did not, aim for hitting about 70-75% of your 1RM ON THE LAST SET.

functional fitness
3×5 deadlift adding weight as long as form is excellent

strength endurance
deadlift 1×21.
If you got 21 in one set last week, add 10lbs. If your set of 21 was broken, keep the weight the same and try for unbroken. If this is your first DL in this cycle, use 60% of the heaviest set from above.

functional fitness
Do not start the strenght endurance work yet. Patience young jedi!

21 KB swings 35/25
30 DUs
15 KB swings
30 DUs
9 KB swings
30 DUs

functional fitness
20 DUs or 60 singles
KB swings(25/20)
Sit Ups
20 DUs or 60 singles

death stretch
supine hamstring