Monday 1-21

warm up
run 1 lap
1a- 5 ring push ups
1b- 8 turkish get ups(light enough to work perfect form)

back squat warm up 2×5
back squat 4×2 at 80% of most recent 1RM

functional fitness
back squat 5×5 adding weight as long as form is solid. try to get heavier than last week.

6 rounds
In 2 minutes
12 wall ball
12 back extensions
12 DUs(if this will keep you from completing this WOD, do 12- 24″ box jumps)
rest for remainder of 2 minutes
**if you fail to finish in 2 minutes, do 10 burpees and rest until the next round**

functional fitness
4 rounds rest 1:1
10 wall balls
10 back extensions
10 box jumps(24/16)

supine hamstring
shoulder extension