Monday 1-14

warm up
run 2 laps

3x- using a light weight-not more than 12kg/8kg
10 one hand KB swings(to eye level)
10 KB around the world (pass the KB from right hand to left hand at your waist, keep the KB moving behind your back and pass it from left hand to right, continue until the kb is back in front of you. take it slow, focusing on a solid core and good balance)
rest 1 min between rounds

finish with 10 ring push ups

back squat warm up 2×5
back squat 3×3 at 75% of last weeks test- do not increase weight

if you did not do the test week, add weight each set as long as form is solid.

EMOM for 7 minutes
10 burpees

functional fitness
EMOM for 10 minutes
5 burpees

supine hamstring