If its Tuesday it must be…

Warm Up
Catalyst Athletics Warm Up from the board
Burgener Warm Up for cleans
Tricep mashing on a racked bar

Power Cleans
5/5/3/2 Warm Up
3×5 Work Set
Note If you did these 2 weeks ago, add at least 5 lbs to the work sets. If you did NOT do these, add weight for each set of 5. If you are still learning the power clean keep the weights light and work on form!

Every Minute on the Minute(EMOM)
5 Push Press(Use about 50% of the weight from your heaviest Power Clean above)
+1 burpee
This means you add a burpee each round. So…1, 2, 3, etc.

Shoulder overhead with a band 2min/side
Shoulder hand behind back 2min/side

Find a partner, lay flat on your back with your hands above your head. Have your partner pull traction on both wrists. 2 minutes. For those exceptionally tight folks put lacrosse balls under your scapulas.