Friday Mar. 30

Skill:  Back Squat @ 2212, 8,6,6,4 rest 4 min ( if you did back squats on Monday, do bench press instead at this tempo)
practice frog stands or hand stands b/t sets, OR
pull up practice @ 61a2 if you have not done it twice this week

run 600 m, rest 2 min, x4-6

if you did the 600s yesterday do:

10 min. amrap @ 85% effort
10 db push press
10 box jumps
100 m run
rest 2 min. x2

There is not a 9am class tomorrow.

Thank you to all that have signed the new membership agreements!  A $50 initiation fee is waived for all new members that sign membership agreements by April 1st.  If you have not had a chance to fill one out, please pick one up in the gym or contact Christie at [email protected].