Friday 8-3 Happy Olympics!

warm up
JYD(for the last time)
A quick word about why we do, what we do…
Many folks have asked about the warm ups for this past cycle. We want everyone to know, we expect and hope that you learn about what we are doing. The JYD and Burgener movements were programmed daily for 2 reasons.
1. JYD is used to train explosive hip opening and closing which are essential to the Olympic Lifts. When you jump you should be focused on closing your hips, or bringing your knees UP. This flows in to the movement needed to drop, or pull yourself under the bar in both the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk
2. The Burgener Warm Up is used to develop motor memory for the key positions of the Olympic lifts. It is often said that you need to do a movement correctly 1000 times before it becomes a habit. Correct movement patters are essential to health and longevity in excercise.
Olympic Lift Test Day
Spend 15 minutes working to 1 rep max Snatch attempt

rest 5 minutes

Spend 15 minutes working to 1 rep max Clean and Jerk

In competition, lifters get 3 attempts to hit their max. Give that a try if you’re interested.

Next week…Gymnastics!