Friday 3-1

Warm Up
Row 500m
Shoulder Prep
3×10 Cuban Row with barbell, dumbbells or light (5 or 2.5lb) plates, depending on your ability. Focus on correct form and posture.



5 Rounds
Max Reps Bodyweight Bench Press
Max Reps Pullups

Move immediately from last Bench Press rep to Pullup bar.
Rest 5 Minutes between each set.

This WOD is not for time, so rest between sets and focus on maximum reps.

Record total reps of Bench Press and Pullups

Functional Fitness
3×5 Bench Press (Add weight across each set)
3x Max Reps Pullups

Alternate between Bench Press and Pullups. Rest 5 minutes between each set.

Note: If you can complete pullups without a band, do so. If using a band, use the thinnest band that will let you complete approximately 10 reps.

Spend 10 minutes practicing jumping rope. (Single Unders/Double Unders/etc.)

10 slow PVC Pass-Throughs
Shoulder Extension
Shoulder Depression

Cuban Press