FRIDAY 1/27/17

Warm Up:

3 Rds Of:
20 Cal Row
10x Banded Good Mornings
20x Abmat Sit-Ups
1x Turkish Get-Ups (per side)
20m OH Lunge Steps w/ Plate

A) 3 Sets of:
10x Power Cleans
*4-5 min warm up to starting weight
*Increase load across sets
*Rest as needed b/t sets

B) 2 Rds For Total Reps
3 Min AMRAP:
Airdyne For Calories
*Rest 30 sec*
2 Min AMRAP:
BoxJumps (24/20)
*Rest 60 sec*
1 Min AMRAP:
*Rest 90 sec*

Cool Down:
3 min Slow AD Ride
5+min Athletes Choice
Bands and Rollers