Friday 12/28

warm up
easy 500m row or 2 min airdyne
3 HSPU(no HSPU? Do 30s hand stand holds. No HS hold? Do wall walks as high as you are able)
5 pull ups
7 GHD sit ups
9 air squats

back squat
3×5 or 5×3 if you have stalled on 5 reps

back squat 1×21 heavier than last time

functional fitness
back squat 5×5 adding weight if form is solid

back squat 65% of heaviest from above
12-9-6 resting 1min between sets

row 250m
rest exactly 1min
30 wall balls(20/14)
20 pull ups
10 burpees
rest exactly 1min
row 250m

functional fitness
row 250m
rest 1min
20 wall balls
10 jumping pull ups
5 burpees
rest 1min
250m row

wall straddle
arm overhead w/ distraction and external rotation